Holi time is ice cream time 

Today is Holi and the official celebration of Spring . Tonight many fires will be lit in different parts of the country while people will dance around it to celebrate the warm weather. And tomorrow the festivities will continue the revelry with colour and swigs of almond sherbet oft times laced with bhang or marijuana. 

Many people celebrate the festival with food that is made in the traditional wa. We , in Maharashtra , for instance, make sweet stuffed Puran Poli  but there’s a better way to celebrate the onset of hotter weather  like a mailer I received this morning informed – tubs of ice cream specially made the way your granny made them- churning them by hand, soft and creamy. 

Sucres des Terres the brainchild of two young Worli based entrepreneurs offer you their latest summer creation for a limited time only – Orange & Rosemary 

But don’t worry if you don’t hurry and miss this opportunity . 

Their regular fare is to die for too! 

8 unique flavours in PET bottles .

                       Cinema Paradiso

           Chocolate chocolate macaron   
                    Espresso Croquant

                   Mint for each other 

                Sweet heart lemon tart

                        Caramel a salt

                   Dark Side of Ginger

Clean Mean Vanilla Bean 
sucres des terres 
.Deliver from Cuffe Parade to Bandra

So call before the ice cream melts. 

+91 9920985880

Disclaimer : 

Images taken from email sent to me and from official website of Sucres des Terres without obtaining prior permission


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