#10 minute cool Kokum Saar

With October being the hottest ever , it probably makes sense to have something cooling and different like the Soul Kadhi or Kokum Saar.

The Kokum Saar or Soul Kadhi is popular with people living in coastal Maharashtra (and Goa)  because Garcinia Indica or Kokum is commonly found there. A well known secret to healthy eating is eating the produce of the land hence this flavouring agent was always found in my grandmother’s kitchen.

This fruiting tree growing rampantly in the Western Ghat region of peninsular India bears tiny red fruit that are eaten fresh or stored dried to be used as a souring agent in our cooking. It has many therapeutic properties, primary among them anti histaminic, , digestive, appetite suppressant  and many more.

So I thought that with this oppressing weather and the high prices of daal, I’d make a different kind of soupy gravy to dunk my rice in. Especially my cool Kokum saar that takes all of 10 minutes to make.

A cool Kokum Saar
A cool Kokum Saar

Here’s what I did to make this gorgeous pink, sour coconut cream saar that is always eaten cold!

I got together the following ingredients :

  • a handful of dried Kokum skins
  • 1 tspn oil
  • 3-4 curry leaves
  • 1/4 tspn cumin seed ( zeera)
  • 1 whole green chilli
  • water for cooking
  • 1 small tetrapak of coconut milk
  • 1 tspn finely chopped fresh coriander
  1. I heated the oil in a pot and when it was hot, I added the curry leaves and cumin seed.
  2. After the seeds went pop, I added the dried Kokum, green chill and coriander and the water. I lowered the heat and allowed the water to boil, extracting the sourness from the dried Kokum skins.
  3. I added the coconut milk and again brought it to a slow boil taking care not to let the coconut milk curdle.
  4. Putting off the heat, I added salt and a pinch of sugar to round off the sourness.

Now if this isn’t a quick and easy cool Kokum saar, what is?

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]In some homes this saar is served every day as it is a very effective digestive and makes a refreshing cool drink especially in the hot, coastal weather. [/tweetthis]

Move over Gazpacho, Kokum Saar is here!

For more of such authentic recipes that are a great substitute for daal, visit my ebook The Fragrance of Mango Blossoms  or order the hard copy online.



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