A cup of Tea

I have a bookshelf with several shelves and partitions so it is quite difficult to arrive at the seventh book. One one shelf, the 7th book from the left was Gandhi’s “Experiments with Truth” while counting from the right was Ashvin Sanghi’s “Krishna Key” . The other two shelves are entirely devoted to my husband’s management books so I cheated a bit and went to another shelf where I found  “The Comedy Collection” an anthology of the world’s funniest writers.  Frankly, I had even forgotten the existence of this book and after penning this entry, I will get down to reading it…………..

And the 7th page was from James Herriot‘s “Funny Turns”. And the 7th sentence on p.7 goes like this :

Groaning, I huddled deeper, gazing sightlessly 
at the cup of tea which Helen had placed by my bedside.
Its warm comforting smell of cinnamon and clove
Brought memories of childhood days 
when blanketed with loving care , 
A cup of soup, a week of rest, were all it took to kill those germs
That make me sneeze and wheeze all day. 

There is something eerie about this sentence which fulfills the  prompt – perhaps it is something to do with the power of the Universe, but I read Corrine’s blog just as I finished my cup of tea and was going to bring some for my maid who’s down with a terrible cold……………………….

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