A fine dining experience: PSCafe Singapore 

If you are looking for an easy laid back place to enjoy a meal , PS Cafe at Dempsey Hill is the place for you.  

With no pretences of being a fancy-smancy place, it has just the right kind of ambience to make you feel comfortable on the outside with canvas chairs on the verandah amid the last lush green or inside on comfortable low sofas.

Even though we went in for an early dinner the soup for the day was over so we had to make do with the portobello mushroom soup. This was a hearty soup which came with a a thick slice of home baked carraway seed bread. It was just as well we asked for the soup to be split two ways because the portions are just huge! 

So it was quite a haul going through the penne carbonara and the penne with chicken. The penne carbonara had an interesting take with slivers of crunch bacon, a poached egg and shards of Parmesan though I must admit that I prefer this pasta with spaghetti and smaller bits of bacon. The penne with chicken had a tad too much tomato but was enjoyable nonetheless.

And washed down with a refreshing peach passion flavoured with cinnamon, it was just perfect.
So all in all it was a great evening with the music of recognisable oldies playing in the background and muted lights reflected in rain misted windows.


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