A taste of Vietnam in Singapore 

Singapore is truly a melting pot of cultures and cuisines and during my short stay, I had the opportunity to try out various dishes. 

Last night we tried Vietnamese at Wrap& Roll at Star Vista Mall more so because this restaurant was selected as one of the Top 5 Finalists  Asian casual dining award in 2014. 

The Star Vista is a pretty fun mall which has an eclectic mix of shops ( laundry, key maker, hardware store , supermarket, furniture stores) reminds me more of a sanitized local bazar rather than a high end shopping destination.  

Currently its Central Courtyard has been transformed into a Christmas Carnival and is buzzing with activity especially in the evenings.


The light and airy restaurant already had several diners – a heartening sight because an empty restaurant doesn’t bode well. 

We kept our order simple and were quickly served with our humongous bowl of chicken noodle soup. This by itself, is MORE than a meal for two women but we didn’t know that when we ordered the other stuff- prawn pancake and Lemongrass and Beef Rolls. 

The soup was yum, the stuffed prawn pancakes out of this world but the beef was something we could have done without . 

I had never wrapped my own roll before so perhaps this had something to do with not really enjoying this dish. It was clumsy and cumbersome. 

Perhaps I should have gone for noodles or rice? 

End note

The food was pricey though fresh and enjoyable but we felt a bit foolish when we discovered the Foodcourt on the top floor which served Vietnamese food too (at a third of the price!) 

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