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After years of being brought up on the adage that empty vessels make the most noise, I find it rather strange and difficult to talk about myself especially on a public platform where anybody and everybody can see everything about me.

How does one write about oneself?

Should I  be honest ? And how honest ? Brutally honest with warts and all?

Should it be exaggerated? Like I am the best?

Should it be what I would like it to be?

Should it be self-deprecating?

Well, after several attempts at trying to tell the world about me, here goes –


I am a Mumbai based home maker who has spent a large amount of time doing “nothing” as that’s  what most people assume I do.

But nothing is a loosely used term to signify the jobs that I’ve done at various stages in my life and am still doing

  • regular house work like tidying up, cooking, managing the household finances, shopping
  • car pooling and conducting general knowledge quizzes to keep the children occupied
  • giving city tours to house guests and business associates
  • answering questions about random phone numbers, bus routes, train timings, hotel and restaurant numbers, birthdays and anniversaries of friends, relatives and even strangers
  • searching the internet for related and unrelated information pertaining to people’s random queries
  • editing and scripting letters for friends and family
  • taking photographs and maintaining the family records and archives
  • yoga when I have the time to stand on my head

I love traveling, eating,  reading, watching movies, hanging out with my friends and above all writing. I began blogging all those years ago and only now am beginning to understand the nuances of writing a blog.

So today I can call myself an accidental cook who loves to blog about the food she eats, the restaurants she visits and the food she cooks.




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