Aperitivos in Milan – the happiest hours to eat

dehor of sand
Sand Cafe at Citta Studi has a great ambience and great food


One of the best traditions I’ve discovered during my recent trip to Milan was the Aperitivo or concept of Happy Hour that happily extends to more than just that hour. And for the price of a drink which can be as cheap as 5 Euros to around 10 Euros for a cocktail you can enjoy the pleasures of an open buffet. This is a great way to dine in the evenings, watch the people go by and satiate an appetite that has a great variety to choose from.

What a spread!
and pasta’s too!

I much prefer this to dining in a fine restaurant where you not only have to pay a hefty price but often have to eat stuff that you don’t know anything about. This is particularly dicey in a place where you can’t understand the language and have no one around to assist you with the ordering. So rather than cluck like a chicken or moo like a cow, it is far better to see what you are eating before you get your first bite.

At Porta Venezia
Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel 2

The aperitivo is also a bit like the tasting menu in that you can sample a wide variety of the cuisine available. Every day the aperitivo menu changes and sometimes you even find yourself getting different dishes at the same restaurant on the same day because very often when the platter is empty, a different dish is served up instead.

Aperitivos are happening all over Milan right from the Porta Venezia  which has several happening places to the streets alongside the Duomo. Neighbourhood bars too do the Aperitivo and unless you are in Milan for over a month, it is highly unlikely that you can visit them all as a visitor.

Off Piaza Duomo

On the other hand, the buffet is not exactly haute cuisine and there are several trattoria which can dish out better fare.

But if you’re not a picky eater and want to enjoy a few pleasant hours watching the world go by, step into a bar and enjoy!

Caveat :There are several bars which do the Aperitivo but not all bars have this happy hour so don’t occupy a table unless you’ve clarified that the Happy Hour is on.
If you are a vegetarian this is definitely not the place for you as there are no vegetarian options available.

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