Being Vegetarian and improving stomach health

Red and yellow bell peppers and fresh asparagus
Red and yellow bell peppers and fresh asparagus

Despite being born a vegetarian into a traditionally mandated vegetarian family, I was weaned on “BOVRIL” in an effort to increase my weight. While my poor grandmother who dutifully stirred the black goop in my feeding bottle was blissfully unaware of its animal origins, my stomach was converted for life into non-vegetarianism.

But every once in a while I turn vegetarian:  sometimes it is for 4 months ( Chaturmas or the four months starting on Ashadhi Ekadashi and which ends on Karthiki Ekadashi spanning the entire monsoon season), sometimes it is for a year of Wednesdays, sometimes it is over the 10 days of the Ganesh Festival  or sometimes like this year, it is for Navratri. Most of the time the reasons aren’t in the least bit religion or tradition driven but a mere response to my stomach’s protest at being used and over used. So when the peptic acid begins to falter and the Hydrogen Sulphide begins to build up, I know it’s time for me to go back to my vegetarian roots , to give my system a rest and improve my stomach health, so that I can go back to being a non-vegetarian.

I feel good during the days I am vegetarian – I feel light and cleansed and I actually begin to see a halo shine faintly above my head as I imagine I’m sparing some poor animal from slaughter just to indulge my pampered taste buds.

But then on other days I feel particularly deprived especially when I see something as simple as an omelet in the dish next to mine for even though I’m vegetarian, I still cook non vegetarian food for my family and it’s hard not to dip in and taste for salt or other seasonings.

But I’m going to persist in being vegetarian till Dussera which is only a few days’ away now……..

Frankly, though, isn’t this picture of peppers and asparagus tempting enough to become vegetarian forever?????

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