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With today being 15 days deep into January, it almost seems silly to write a restaurant review about a New Year’s Eve lunch, but too many things were happening over the past few days for me to be more uptodate. However, I would still like to share my memories of Cafe Zoe which even today, remain fresh and happy. 


Twice before when my cousins had come from California I had invited them to Cafe Zoe but both times we couldn’t make it – the first time we had to cancel lunch because of a glitch in the program and the second time we had to cancel dinner because Cafe Zoe doesn’t allow diners below 21 after 7 pm ( rather early for dinner by Indian standards I thought); so when they came down last December, going to Cafe Zoe had become something of a challenge. And yes, finally we did it! On the last day of 2014, we brought in the New Year rather early with a brunch over lunch celebration at Cafe Zoe.


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Cafe Zoe which describes itself as a cafe, brasserie and bar is a fairly new entrant in Mumbai’s eating scene and is another gem in a lotus pond ( the others being Blue Frog and Zaffran and the lotus pond being Mathurdas Compound) making the once grungy mill area of Mumbai a hip and happening place.  A converted godown and retaining much of its architectural lineage, Cafe Zoe has a young feel to it with comfortable sofa seating on the side ( with interesting cabin trunk centre tables!) clean and simple wooden tables and chairs surrounding a well stocked bar at one end and a mezzanine dining area with more chairs and tables. Actually the entrance is pretty unobtrusive and even after you find the place, you can almost miss it. But do step inside and get past the pastry counter for the Cafe Zoe experience.

The Food

We started out with some pretty unremarkable Mushroom Bruschetta and French fries that were yummy but not crisp enough according to my cousin who said that they were fried in Olive Oil……but what they simply loved was the Spicy Guava Shake which was to my mind a liquid guava jelly . They also loved the watermelon Margeurita

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For the mains we had a caramelised onion tart, a roast duck, some bassa and steaks. These were received with much approval but the desserts again had a warm response:  chocolate mousse tart was disappointing but the tiramisu was great.


Cafe Zoe has a hip, happening feel and is user friendly for children upto 7 pm. They have a fairly strict code of conduct for children and actually warn that badly behaved children and their parent(s) could be made to stand in a corner. But Cafe Zoe is well located despite the hard to find entrance and is a great meeting spot for both South and North Mumbai diners.

The ultimate verdict was A THUMBS UP for Cafe Zoe which has won the hearts of more happy customers who will definitely come back for more

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