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Chicken & fresh Basil Fettuccine with #Blue Apron

Discovering Blue Apron

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I am currently in New Jersey helping my daughter settle in. We are staying in what would be termed a well appointed serviced apartment till she identifies an chooses a suitable house.

While cooking is a breeze, shopping for ingredients with an infant in tow is quite a difficult proposition . This problem was easily solved using Blue Apron whose mission is

to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone

Chicken & Fresh Basil Fettucinne

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So how does this work?

This is easier than ordering from a restaurant because all you have to do is download the App, register yourself and voila – you get a meal delivery service for a week.

The recipes come with all the ingredients and clear instructions on how to make the dish.

So this morning I made the Fettucinne with minced chicken in a creamy tomato sauce. Needless to say, it took the stress out of deciding what to cook and worse still shopping for the ingredients .

While Ms Papaya was playing with her mother, I got out all the ingredients, followed the recipe card and within minutes our dinner was ready to eat !

I can’t wait for Blue Apron to deliver the next box of meals that will come neatly packed with ice packs to ensure that the fresh produce stays fresh!



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