If it’s Chinese food, it must be Royal China


Hubby dear was entertaining two business colleagues from mainland China so probably it made sense to go to Mainland China but having heard that for a fine dining experience one should go to Royal China, I decided to take the plunge and booked a table at Royal China.

For years actually, China Garden was undoubtedly the best Chinese in town – it was tasty, innovative and affordable yet exclusive. But ever since it became CG3 or whatever else it would like to be known as, the food and service, both sadly could do with a major overhaul. Several times I visited CG3 to be told that the Dim Sum steamer wasn’t working ergo no dim sums and at one time I was even served something I hadn’t asked for and told ” But it is tasty no, so why don’t you have it?” without so much as a hint of apology or remorse.

Since we didn’t want to spend a minor fortune and we wanted a Chinese meal in town, we really had no option but to go to Royal China. ¬†And it turned out to be a good menu.For starters, the reservation was easy – no silly instructions about children and dress code.

For starters, the reservation was easy – no silly instructions about children and dress code.

Then what struck me was the iPad Menu

An innovative way of ordering food

Instead of asking the waiter what is nice and what isn’t ( Typically if you ask which is better the answer you get is both!) and avoiding the painful process of wondering what the dish looks like.

IMG_0591So we had a table reservation for 6 and at 7.30, we entered the restaurant 2 short. The entrance to this restaurant is so discreet, that you almost miss it – so keep a look out for the set of steps behind the Sterling Cinema ‘coz you can very well overshoot it. Once inside, we were shown to our table and presented with the iPad menu which thrilled our Chinese guests no end. ” Oh, just like in Shanghai,” said one of them who expertly began looking at the menu and typing in her preferences. The ordering took longer that we normally do because the ladies were excited about eating Chinese food after a week but after they made up their minds, the food came quickly enough.

Since Hubby dear is vegetarian he ordered Cabbage Spring rolls that had to be assembled on the table as a starter. The rolls were crisp, but we sent back the pile of cabbage leaves and filling to the kitchen and got them back ready to eat. For his main course, he ordered his famous Haka noodles and some assorted exotic vegetables.

As for us, we settled down to a clear chicken soup ( minus the bamboo shoots which weren’t available that day), and the main course of mixed vegetable fried rice, crisp fried lamb, pak Choy, kung pao prawn ( simply yum). For dessert, we ordered the standard lychees with ice cream but were given a special surprise of chocolate filled buns when Shavir the manager realised that we were his old customers from China Garden.

So all in all it was definitely a great meal and will now easily replace CG3 without the slightest hint of doubt.

Verdict – If you want a Five Star dining experience at a standalone and more reasonably priced restaurant then Royal China is the place for you.


Location :

Victoria Terminus, Behind Sterling Cinema Building,
Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai, India

Tel: 022 22072492

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