Cool Chef disappoints

I was so impressed with Cool Chef’s ambiance that I immediately suggested it the next venue for our ladies lunch and that too the very next day!

Luckily for me only three were available or else I would have been branded as the worst discoverer of restaurants by the ladies who lunch.

We chose a round table, the only one in the restaurant but that turned out to be too rocky. So after we ordered our drinks and starters we shifted to a square table which also rocked. Obviously this was a rocking place in more ways than one!

The waiter brought along our drinks and as Roo said, her fresh lime soda was brought in sweet even though she specified otherwise. Our thin crust pizza was definitely thin but also decidedly limp and too luke warm. The rocky prawns which were supposed to be drowning in Wasabi Mayo had only a whiff of the stuff but were good…….. While we munched through the starters we thought the main course would live up to the hype I’d built around the place. Unfortunately the Red Thai curry which was good was not what we wanted ( we had wanted that vegetarian) and the Green Thai curry was terrible. The only thing we all agreed was really good was the steamed rice which was steaming hot with each grain of rice long and light.

Perhaps as the owner said this place is truly to be enjoyed at night when it comes alive with the sound of young people having a blast. It definitely is not a place for ladies who lunch.

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