Desperately seeking Non-Vegetarian fast food at Breach Candy

The yummy Chicken Craver

IMG_0420I was walking down Breach Candy the other day when I suddenly noticed a small pavement eatery that has been around for a long time. Right after the Indian Oil Petrol pump and alongside the Tata Garden, this small food stall has a major brand like Baskin Robbins – in fact the only one in this part of town. I was intrigued that such a big name was in such a humble location so I went inside and was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t empty nor was it filled with giggling college kids. It had a fair mix of people who shopped, people who walked and of course the youngsters who need a decent place to hang out in.

This former stall of Farm Fair which once had products from MAFCO is now home to Baskin Robbins, Cookie Man , Coffee Break and HOWRA which I found serves yummy stuff. It was clean, the service quick and the Chicken Craver that I asked for tasty and well priced – for Rs. 50+ I could tuck into a good, wholesome snack. This was a variation of the Chicken Hot Dog with fried chicken chunks instead of a sausage. The chicken was crunchy on the outside and soft inside, the lettuce fresh and the mayo just right.

Non-vegetarian food is particularly hard to come by at Breach Candy since most of the eateries cater to the largely vegetarian clientele that shops and resides in the area. One option is the shack at Scandal Point, but that looks far too dodgy and inconvenient with the steps that one has to climb.

So, this little stall seems to be a good option and  the next time you’re at Breach Candy and looking for a quick snack, head towards St. Stephen’s Church and step into this tiny eatery for a good snacky experience!

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