Diwali’s surprise: Mysore Paak

Once upon a time, an ingenious cook at the Mysore Royal Palace came up with this concoction of chana atta ( besan), ghee and sugar. Fascinated by its sponge like appearance, smooth texture and fantastic taste, it soon became a popular sweet among halwais particularly in South India.

This year I decided to try making Mysore Paak at home as I wanted a break from the traditional laddoo, chakli and shev routine.

I got together

  • 1 cup of finely ground besan
  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 cups ghee

I sifted the besan and kept it aside. I heated a bit of the ghee and rubbed it into the flour.

I added a cup of water to the sugar and made a syrup of single string consistency in a large pan.

In the meanwhile I heated the ghee and brought it to the boil.

While the ghee was heating up and after the syrup was made, I added the flour to the syrup, stirring with a wire whisk to ensure a smooth paste. When the ghee was boiling hot, I added it to the flour and syrup mixture one ladle at a time . I allowed the mixture to cook continuing with the ghee till the mixture began to thicken and get a spongy appearance. Then I took it off the fire and poured it into a cake tray which I had lined with tin foil. While it was still slightly warm, I cut it into squares and when completely cool, stored the Mysore Paak in an airtight tin to be kept for Diwali day.

Nota Bene

I think my Mysore Paak should have been browned a little more and kept cooking for a longer time so that it actually looked like a sponge but I made the mistake of taking a shallow pan rather than a deep bowl which would have prevented the ghee from splattering out!

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