Enchiladas and Margaritas

The other day I was sitting by the poolside with my grand daughter and told her that we should imagine we were lounging around sipping Margaritas. Suddenly I realised I’d never had a margarita and had absolutely no idea of what it was. So this afternoon I found out.

At Dempsey Hill, where most of the good eating places seem to be located, we went to Margaritas a pricey Mexican restaurant. With walls filled with art works and the place filled with customers, Margaritas is perfect for a relaxed Sunday Brunch. 

We had chicken enchiladas which were yum, beef fajitas that were OK ( I must confess I HATE assembling my food) and vegetarian quesadillas. The fried ice cream was a novelty( for me )as was the chilli chocolate dessert . 

Overall , a lively and vibrant atmosphere , good food and good service. 

And yes I finally had my margarita! It was light, lemony and refreshing. 

Perhaps I will have it by the poolside one day! 

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