Finally! My Hamilton Beach Sandwich Grill !

My Electric Grill being delivered just in time for tea!


I love taking part in contests and if it is food related all the better to eat dear! So I signed up for the #CreateFearlessly contest sponsored by #HamiltonBeach in conjunction with #Blogadda and wondered what they’d send me – a sandwich grill or a coffee machine?

I waited a fair bit, even received a call and an email from Blogadda asking whether I’d got the gadget and was frankly getting quite worried:

  • Did it come while I was away ( very rare for me these days)
  • Was it filched along the way ( A possibility indeed)
  • Or did Blogadda change its mind ( NO not possible my mind screamed)

So I sent them an email saying that I didn’t receive the parcel and no sooner did I press  SEND than the doorbell rang and two scruffy looking men bearing this huge big parcel with a sandwich grill stood before me. Strangely they asked me to stamp my office stamp (really I don’t have an office), failing which I was to show them proof of identities like a PAN card or Driver’s Licence. This was the first time ever I was asked such a question by a courier company and not wishing to share my personal information with them, handed over my visiting card which announced my name and title as BLOGGER.

They looked suitably aghast as they muttered ” Yeh kya hai?” but I already had some guests at home and quickly shut the door.

Getting down to #CreateFearlessly

Ever since I’d seen this dumb movie called CHEF, I wanted to make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich so the moment I could manage it I asked Bayda to help me unpack the gadget.


Then with everything ready, I set down to making my first #CreateFearlessly Panini.


The instructions to start the grill were clear enough but Bayda did spend a few moments trying to figure how to open it. On closer inspection I found the catch on the side and released it to allow both the covers to come apart.

The grill heats up fast and the sandwich did slip out only because it was too thick but within minutes I had the yummiest grilled sandwich – crunchy crusty warm and toasty.


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