Finally the Buddha Belly comes to Peddar Road.

022 6565 1545
ADDRESSShop 1, 74-A, Ketty House, Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg,
 Peddar Road, Mumbai

Ever since I found a new restaurant coming up in the place of the short lived chocolate place on Pedder Road, I was curious to find out who would be brave enough to open up an eatery in a hole in the wall only a foot away from the main road, with no place for even valets to park cars of customers. I didn’t have long to wait as the sign board proclaiming it to be Buddha Belly soon came up. The sign boards and shutters came up faster than the counter service which opened to the public only yesterday . So it was with impatience that I called up the restaurant for their take away service. I called up this morning to find that even though the restaurant was open for business, their take away service was not as they were still awaiting the boxes for the take away. I said that I was willing to bring my own box but was told that it was not possible. After much persuasion the waiter accepted my request for a take away but then told me that the Khow Suey I wanted was not available.

But I persisted and this evening walked up to the restaurant for Dim Sums which were reasonably priced. I ordered a plate of Prawn Har Gau at the recommendation of the waiter  and chicken khao Suey which is my special preference .
Verdict: prawn Har Gau- delicately flavoured but accompanying sauces terribly disappointing.
             Chicken Khow Suey – yum. With perfectly crisped onion and garlic accompaniments
             Pricing – well priced.
             Ambience – the small space is cleverly used for 8 tables
             Service – I am willing to accept this was an example of teething troubles but the service was     pathetic.
Would I go again – definitely but would prefer the take away when it starts!
I have used the photo from the Zomato website.

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