Food Bloggers mean serious business.

For those who don’t know their onions from their potatoes and who don’t know the difference between gourmands and gourmets, food is possibly just something that’s kept before them from time to time, that they gobble down with nary a thought. But to foodies and food bloggers food is serious business, as serious as it is for those involved in the food and hospitality business.

This fact was brought home to me when I attended a bloggers’ meet last year and realised that I needed to have a niche blog for a niche audience. Hence I migrated from Blogger to a self hosted food log called However, a series of events way beyond my control have prevented me from blogging regularly on this Blog.

During my recent trip to Malaysia I came across some amazing bloggers and media people who helped me widen my reach and horizons. It is thanks to my new friends that I came across the Food and Hospitality Expo that is scheduled to be held at the MMRDA ground in BKC, Mumbai. 

It will be my first major event and I am looking forward to it!

Organised by  Fiera Milano Group and The Indian Express Limited Group ,  it should be a great opportunity for ordinary foodies like me to experience the serious world of food and hospitality which remains enshrouded in mystery to ordinary diners and tourists. This meet is going to be held at Bangalore and Goa too.

There are several events organised during the meet but what interests me most is the food bloggers meet organised by Cornitos. It should be fun to see what one can do with Nachos…….


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