Food off a food truck

Eating from a food truck

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I have always wanted to eat off a food truck but never really managed to do so. Of course I’ve eaten from the street stalls but food trucks are another matter. Somehow, last week, I managed to shed my reservations and actually eat a burger from a food truck that was parked in my daughter’s neighbourhood.

Perhaps being in the US made me more willing to try (as it meant one less meal to cook). Or was it the fact that I was going to eat a gourmet burger?

Gourmet burgers?

A burger was a burger or so I thought till I had a burger from The Outslider. 

To begin with it wasn’t a burger, it was a slider. The difference being in the size. A slider is much smaller than a conventional burger.

The exhaustive menu consisted of wide range of sliders

  • The Outslider Fresh Angus 3 oz. Sliders, American Cheese, Pickle, Ketchup
  • Bourbon BBQ Fresh Angus 3oz. Sliders, Cheddar, Applewood Bacon, Bourbon BBQ sauce
  • El Macho Fresh Angus 3oz. Sliders, Cheddar, Applewood Bacon, BBQ, Jalapenos
  • Sonoma Fresh Angus 3oz. Sliders, Goat Cheese, Red Wine Onion Jam
  • Crab cakes Fresh Lumpur Crab Cakes, Slaw, Chipotle Aioli
  • Buffalo Turkey Fresh Turkey, Buffalo Sauce, Creamy Blue Cheese
  • Hand-cut Fries
  • Garlic Parmesan Fries hand-cut Fries topped with Garlic Aioli, Parmesan
  • Drinks
  • Homemade Ice Cream Bars Assorted Flavors

I must admit they weren’t cheap. But since they  weren’t ordinary butgers but gourmet sliders,  they were definitely worth the price.

Picking up an El Macho and the Blue Burger ( slider with Blue Cheese and slaw), a small serving of fries and a Pepsi, we went off to the park to have our little picnic. So absorbed were we in eating that I forgot to take a photo!.

But here’s one of a crabcake that we bought on the way back home. It definitely was greed that made us stop for the third one!

Image for the crabcake slider

So now I will have to walk off these calories but it was definitely worth it! 

Have you ever eaten off a food truck ? What was the experience like? 

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