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Food memories are indelible and I can never forget the juicy beefburger patties sold at McRonnell’s in Bandra. Those of you who’ve grown up in this beautiful Bombay suburb in the ’60’s will remember this bakery that was an institution of sorts on Hill Road. Every burger I’ve had since has had to measure up to this burger and for many years I tried to replicate it. Finally, I think my dinner yesterday was the closest I’ve got to it so far.

I’m not a die hard meat eater but the 4th March ban of  slaughter of cows in my home State raised my hackles. Surely democracy includes the freedom to eat what a person wants and not what the State deems right? Luckily things were clarified and beef is now easily available at all licenced butchers and meat vendors and since then, I’ve been trying to have beef as often as I can ( once a month may be) .

I was happy to find that Mr. M had ground beef and even though I’d asked for just 250 g, he gave me twice the amount so I had to make extra large patties. I would much rather make smaller and flatter ones with half the quantity of meat.


To make around 6 really  large patties you will need :

500 g beef mince

1 tspn oregano

1 finely chopped onion

1/2 cup finely grated Amul cheese

1 tspn dried parsley (you could use fresh coriander or fresh parsley but I didn’t have any)

1 tspn soya sauce

salt to taste

1 lightly beaten egg

Here’s what I did:

I washed the mince and let the water drain out well. Then I mixed together all the igredients and allowed it to sit in fridge for a while. About half an hour before cooking I divided the mixture into patties, flattened them and let them sit in the fridge for another 10 minutes. Just before cooking, I heated some olive oil to smoking  in a deep  frying pan and gently let in the patties and allowed them to cook on one side before turning them over. I removed the nicely browned patties and allowed the excess oil to drain off before serving them up with a slice of cut tomato sitting on a generous helping of mayonnaise slathered on top of each burger.

I served this with steamed beans and carrots and parsleyed potato.

You could of course use these as regular burger patties and have the best burgers ever but I prefered to eat them like cutlets .

Needless to say they were yum!


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