Golden Star Thali

For those of you who want a tasty vegetarian meal Golden Star Thali at Charni Road Station (East) is the place to go to. With turbaned waiters who ply you with generous helpings of food, you can really eat till you are stuffed to bursting.

This afternoon the ladies of the house decided to sample their fare largely because the Maid of the House was on holiday. So we flagged down a taxi and went off to the restaurant. Valet parking is unheard of and kerbside parking even rarer so it is best to go by taxi. However, with taxis playing hard to get, it is advisable to go a bit early because come lunch time and the place is chock a block full.

Within minutes of being seated our plates were filled : vegetables, kadhi, daal, daal baati, sev puri, fruit custard, four different chutneys, two kinds of pickle and tiny phulkas generously doused in ghee. Half way through the meal we were served the yummiest malpuas and with rice to round off the meal we hardly had place for the mandatory chaas or butter milk that accompanies every Gujerati meal.

Waiting for the rice and chapatis

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