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Surprisingly when I got my new Hamilton Beach Panini grill, I thought I’d be grilling enough food for the whole of Bombay. Sadly though there weren’t enough people around to eat the food so I had to go easy on using ¬†the grill. However, that didn’t stop me from making this delicious aubergine steak.

Now aubergine as we all know is the humble brinjal that most people turn their noses up at. “Eeeks¬†Brinjal” is what most people think even if they do not voice it when they see it place in front of them. But somehow, I feel that when a brinjal is called an aubergine ( the French word for it), it becomes more exotic and sophisticated. So even if Shakespeare feels that a brinjal by any other name will still remain the same, I beg to differ.

Moreover, if the aubergine is grilled to perfection it makes a perfect steak. So what I did was to line up a nice big fat brinjal, cut it into slices and marinate them with some salt, pepper, red chilli powder and a dash of soya sauce. I then heated up the Hamilton Beach grill and gently placed the marinated sliced aubergines on the lower grid. Then I carefully put down the top and allowed it to grill for around 2 minutes.

I removed the slices from the grill and topped it off with some spicy sour cream and dressed it with a bit of yellow pepper.

Grilled aubergine steak with spicy sour cream dressing


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