Healthy and wholesome Pizza

The ease with which one can order a pizza and the ease with which the pounds add on, has made PIZZA a bad name. But who can really deny the joy of bread and cheese? And with tomato ketchup to add that sweet and sour tang, it becomes quite irresistible.

I personally don’t think Pizzas are bad especially when they’re made with wholewheat bread. I often make this from scratch but the other day I found the base easily available at Bhaji Gully no less, so I quickly picked up a few packets to make some Pizza over the weekend.

They really came in handy as I made them over two meals – wholesome and healthy.

I made the pizza sauce by cooking tomato, onion, garlic and paprika in a pressure pan. After a whistle, I ran the whole thing through the mixer and made a rough paste. I added salt and pepper to taste and a wee bit of sugar.

I lined a cookie tray with oil and placed the wholewheat base on it. I applied some olive oil on the base before spreading with Pizza sauce. I sprinkled a bit of oregano before adding a thin layer of finely grated Amul cheese. Then I added some finely sliced onions, sliced zucchini, slivers of red and yellow peppers and bits of smoked paneer. I added a generous amount of grated Go Pizza Cheese which I topped with slices of fresh tomato and some chopped black olives. Then the final layer of grated Go Pizza Cheese before slipping it into a pre heated oven ( 120 degrees C) for a 15 minute bake.

And this is what I got.



And it was healthy and wholesome too!

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