How is your kitchen organised?

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Many years ago, almost twenty years to be precise, I was frantically looking for the plain flour in my pantry or store room. I have the luxury of having a small room off the kitchen where I can keep my provisions . This way they remain easily accessible. But being the impulsive cook, I often begin cooking without getting all the ingredients together. This was one such day when I had cracked the eggs into the sugar and was looking for the flour to make my cake.

Daughter No 1 was observing my agitation when suddenly with the sagacity of a 10 year old, asked me ” Why don’t you organise your kitchen.” I wa in no mood for advice from someone less  than half my age so I told her to do it herself if she was som smart.

And surprisingly she took it seriously.

How would you like to organise your kitchen?

I was a bit stunned at this question. What exactly did she mean?

Reading my mind she continued:

Do you want to organise it by bottle size ? i.e   keep the large jars behind ? Keep the smaller jars in front ? Or line up the jars from big to small ?

Do you want to organise it alphabetically ? i.e A is for atta , B is for Besan, C is for channa dal?

Do you want to organise it according to usage? i.e. Keep the sugar that you need close at hand and keep the rice that you use once in a while in the pantry ?

I was simply stunned!

Here was my little auditor in the making all sorted out .

I realised that she was talking sense.

How do you organise your kitchen ? 

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Alas! You can see from my own shelf that my kitchen is still not organised as per her recommendations 🙁

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