If its Chinese it must be Wok House

Yesterday I felt like eating Chinese but I didn’t want to go out and I didn’t want to make it at home so I did the next best thing which was order in. Since I wanted to order a takeaway, I decided I may as well order from a new place so I tried The Wok House Fresh Asian Kitchen. Apparently this hole in the wall which is behind Phoenix Mills can only seat 4 people and encourages takeaways so don’t even attempt to look for the place which is supposedly easy to find ( just behind the mall and near the Sai Service Centre). I actually came upon this purely by chance – I was googling to find a decent dim sum takeaway in South Mumbai and was directed to this site. But that was last month and by the time I ordered, the menu has changed and dim sums are no longer on the menu. However, their Wok in a Box is still their no.1 but I didn’t want to restrict myself to this so I tried a soup ( Chicken Manchow Rs 140), a main course (Stir fried lamb with greensRs. 220) and noodles (Stir fry Soya Rs. 160). The service was quick considering that my house is located a fair distance away and the delivery boy had to contend with late evening traffic as well. The food was still hot even though it was not in a hot case and the quantities were huge. But the food was disappointingly black with an overdose of dark soya sauce.However, I would still recommend this food as it was tasty and perhaps I did order only black coloured dishes!

Verdict : Definitely worth a try as this is easy on the wallet, good on the palate and an order for one can easily stretch to four.

022 24900600, +91 9987743743

7, Gandhi Nagar, Dainik Sivner, Behind Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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