Kheema Pao at Ideal Corner

I was early for a dental appointment this morning and was wondering what to do. Should I visit Yazdani Bakery and have some crusty brun pao with hot coffee? Should I visit the jalebiwallah in the next lane and indulge in some deliciously warm crisp and luscious jalebi? Torn between the two options which would have definitely not helped my bulging middle,I took an entirely different turn and stepped into Ideal Corner, a tiny little Irani joint that serves Parsi food.

Now anyone who is a true Mumbaikar will know what an Irani is all about – it is a quaint little place with teetering bentwood chairs clustered around small tables where you can have tea and toast almost all day long and well into the night for a quick snacky meal.

The menu is quite exhaustive and reasonable so I quickly made myself comfortable over a kheemapao breakfast.

I was expecting  a warm bun slathered with butter but perhaps the crotchety cashier (no he wasn’t the typical old unkempt Parsi gentleman who traditionally occupies this place, though he had imbibed the demeanour required by the job all right!) decided that I could do without more calories and had to make do with fresh unbuttered buns and two bits of lime.

But I’m not complaining because the kheema was spicy and immediately aroused my taste buds and I could begin to feel the start of a drippy nose so before my make up dropped into the dish (and also remembering my appointment and sparing the dentist my garlic breath) I packed it up with the second plate of kheema pao that I’d packed up for the folks back home.

Now for a total of Rs. 150 that isn’t a bad deal is it? So if you do happen to be in the Fort neighbourhood and are feeling a bit peckish, [tweetthis display_mode=”box”]do drop by at Ideal Corner for a good cup of Irani brun maska chai or may be the Kheema Pao if you are really hungry[/tweetthis]

Ideal Corner Restaurant
Address: 12/F/G, Hornby View, Gunbow Street, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Phone:022 2262 1930

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