Kimchi on a Sunday Afternoon

Cucumber and cross section
Cucumber and cross section (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started with a huge big cucumber that Kadam got home from the farm this morning. We had already decided to have a Chinese meal tonight and seeing the huge cucumber, I decided to make it into Kimchi – the perfect crunch of sweet and sour to go with the rest of my meal.

Now Kimchi itself is not Chinese but Korean but since it lends itself so well to Chinese food, especially the Indian variation of Chinese food, Chinese restaurants in India find this the perfect alternative to peanuts or wafers for impatient diners to munch on while waiting for the noodles to be chop sueyed or the chicken to be chillied.

So I chopped off the inner core which had a whole load of seeds and neatly made thick juliennes of the outer pulpy part keeping the skin intact. Then I made a dressing of  vinegar and sugar (adjusting them both for taste)  and drowned the cucumber in this dressing. I left it to rest in the fridge for an hour so that it absorbed the sweet and the sour yet remained crisp and crunchy.

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