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If you are looking for a chocolate fix with a difference do go down to the new chocolaterie in town La Folie. It’s been around for quite a while but I was intimidated by the steep steps one has to take to enter, particularly since I had a baby in tow . However, late last week an opportunity presented itself when Ro and I were looking to satiate our sugar dip after a late afternoon business meeting.Tucked away in one of the bylanes of Fort, that old historic district which is soul of the island city and still weaves its magic as you walk through the narrow streets lined with quaint shops or old businesses. Now gradually getting gentrified with restaurants like Trishna, The Kala Ghoda CafeThe Pantry and Mamagoto, cafes like . Once the hub of the business district, it still has quaint businesses sharing space with newly opened eateries like La Folie, which unlike the Seafood restaurant Trishna that this gully is famous for, serves really high end chocolate confections.

This tiny little space with just one counter and three tables has just about enough space for six people at a time and the strange strong smell of linseed oil and turpentine that assailed my nostrils was attributed to the recently cleaned up counter (as per the cheery sales girl’s explanation). However, the smell notwithstanding, we continued gazing at the artistically made chocolate confections beckoned us with their “Come Eat ME” looks.

It is always hard to make a choice especially when you have just one choice. Luckily there were two of us who decided we’d share so I went for my favourite flavour Caramel which rarely disappoints in any for. It turned out to be the right one because it truly was a simply melt in your mouth chocolate caramel treat with its mousse like interior

Ro’s option which was a Praline something or the other looked like a miniature christmas pudding coated with soft molten chocolate sitting on a crown of chocolate leaves. Honestly the leaves were the best part of the chocolate, dark and sharp. The rest of the chocolate was a bit stodgy, almost like a pudding but since chocolate in any form is great, we did down it in a jiffy.

After placing the order we were asked if we wanted tea or coffee. I opted for plain water (which I never got!) which turned out to be a better option because the teas and coffees were not for free as I’d imagined. The cappuccino that Ro ordered was nothing spectacular and at the price it went for, I was glad I gave it a skip.

As we sat inside slowly savouring the chocolate delicacies, catching up with gossip on a drizzly afternoon, we were glad that we chose La Folie to fix our chocolate craving. A word of warning though, La Folie is really very very expensive – at Rs 600+ it was quite an expensive coffee break and truly ¬†you’d have to be a tad mad to indulge in such a chocolate fix.

La Folie claims it also home delivers which is probably a good option if you want to take this delicate chocolate confectionery home to eat!

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