Library of Nuts?

The word library has its roots in the Latin word liber which means books and liberius which means relating to books. 

I was thus surprised when I opened this gorgeous bright red laquer box from ABACA, one of India’s foremost supplier of quality outdoor furniture and specially curated accessories 

Eager to find what was inside the box, I quickly tore open the gift wrap and was surprised to find four neatly packed jars.

What were they?

Four unique flavours of mouth freshener a or mukhwas , the traditional way of killing the strong flavours of garlic, ginger and heavy spices that go with traditional Indian food. They also serve as aids in digestion, made as they are with herbs and ingredients that aid in digestion. 

These four flavours were unlike I’d ever eaten before. Each one had a unique flavour and weren’t sickly sweet either . Moreover, I was intrigued by their provenance “Library of nuts”. 

If you are interested in trying them out  check out their details below.

They will definitely help with all the overeating that’s in store for most of us these coming weeks.

Happy New Year all and may 2016 be a happier and foodier year for all! 

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