Malaysian Food Festival

One of the joys of being a foodie is that the whole world is literally your palate particularly if you don’t have any dietary restrictions. What can be difficult, however is choosing what to eat?

Do you eat Chinese?

Do you want Japanese?

Do you want vegetarian?

Literally one is spoilt for choice especially since every kind of cuisine is now available in amchi Mumbai.

Apart from the specialty restaurants , one of the best ways of trying out different cuisines is to visit a food festival. With the weather in Mumbai cooling down and Mumbaikars in a buoyant and festive mood, it seems to be the perfect time to try out new cuisine . Currently the Trident at Mumbai’s Nariman Point is offering Malaysian food.

The first time I ever ate Malaysian food was in KL almost thirty years ago. We were staying with a family friend who told us that the best Malaysian food was to be had on the streets. My brother who is an inveterate traveler had also told me that the Malaysian Murtabak is to die for. So essentially we went in search of the perfect Malaysian experience only to run back home to a bottle of Avil only because we learnt that Hubby dear was allergic to Octopus and Squid. Since neither Octopus nor squid are part of our every day diet, we never imagined that our desire to eat out of the box would land us up in major trouble.

But eating food that one normally doesn’t eat, needn’t always end in a swollen face or an itch. In fact it can be quite a pleasurable experience especially when the food is showcased in your own hometown as is the case currently in Mumbai. The Trident at Nariman Point is hosting a Malaysian Food ¬†Festival from 1st November – 5th November.

With a la carte menus for lunch ( 12.30-2.45) and dinner (7.30-11.45) the food has been specially created for this event and promises to be a taste of Malaysia with a wide selection for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The Trident is a 5 star hotel and Indiana Jones is a specialty restaurant so the meal will definitely not come cheap. But if you don’t want to fly all the way to Malaysia to try their cuisine, this would be the best option.

Especially if you are unaware of your food allergies and don’t want to spoil your holiday sleeping it off! I am tempted to try this myself and check out the dishes on show.

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