Malaysian Interlude – Looking for Indian Food

For those of you who were wondering why the long silence from my end – I was in Malaysia the past ten days. This was an all expenses paid trip that I’d won at the Malaysiajao Contest organised by Blogadda in conjunction with Tourism Malaysia.


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My Malaysian food journey began with the Malaysian Food Festival at the Trident, Mumbai. It was just as well that I went for this as my trip turned out to be a bit disappointing food wise Рsimply because the people I traveled with landed up being unadventurous vegetarians who would rather have the tried and tested Mughlai or at best South Indian food than even attempt vegetarian Chinese or Malay  or even Continental food for that matter.

So my first meal in Malaysia was actually dinner at Nawab’s a seedy joint on Chulan Street which looked like Janpath gone bad. The pathetic decor and even more indifferent food is really nothing to write about but I thought unwary tourists should be warned about stepping into such a place. Don’t get misled by the sign that says authentic mughlai – there’s nothing authentic about the food that is liberally doused in a tomato gravy – one sauce serves all.

Actually looking for Indian food in Malaysia the way it is made in your home is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack because frankly nothing can ever compare with a good home cooked meal. To make matters worse, the milk used is generally powdered milk and that leaves the yoghurt and paneer tasting distinctly odd.

So if you are basically a true blue Indian vegetarian who can’t venture beyond daal chawal, I would strongly suggest you stay at home which is a petty because Malaysia has a rich culinary heritage and tradition that draws on different food cultures .

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