Memories are made of these : Coffee at Starbucks with strangers as friends

It was Sunday morning and I had just finished tidying up. With Diwali coming round the corner, I wanted to grab some groceries so that I could make a few sweet meats, suddenly gripped with a desire to make something festive.

So I decided to go to Palladium, the Mall at Phoenix Mills which is a great shopping destination in the heart of Mumbai. There’s enough parking space and lots to do apart from shopping , like dining out or watching movies.

Hubby Dear decided to accompany me so we set off before either of us could change our minds. The shops were still shut when we reached at 10.30 so we stepped into Starbucks for a cup of coffee, not exactly my favourite place but the only option left open to us, apart from standing outside or squatting on the steps! I decided to deviate from the tired and tested and went for a short Hazelnut latte.

Making ourselves comfortable in the huge chairs available, I waited a bit till our name was called out. I frankly hate this part of Starbucks simply because you get waited on at establishments more basic than this and for the price of a coffee you should get someone to serve!

The coffee was swirled up with a fancy design but when I took the first sip there was no hazelnut at all. Normally I would have passed this by but suddenly inspired by my friend Jo’s insistence on getting one’s money’s worth, I timidly went up to the counter which was way above my head and asked for some more hazelnut flavouring.

Being hidden from view, the server conveniently ignored me but another client standing in the queue came to the rescue. He took the cup from my hand and gave it to the server and insisted he add some more hazelnut flavouring telling me that the coffee was mine and I owed it to myself to be happy!

Since the small Starbucks was already full, the stranger approached and us and shared the table. His wife joined us and soon we began talking as though we were friends. Our coffees were over, the shops began to open and we went on our way….four perfect strangers meeting over coffee….

Thank you kind stranger for teaching me how to get the perfect coffee at Starbucks. I may just get comfortable with having my name shouted out !


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