Memories are made of these: lazy lunches with friends and gossip on verandahs

In case any of you have been following my blog you will realise that I have been pretty erratic of late – almost negligent of writing and updating my blog. But no, I have been pretty active behind the scenes.

With my house being totally refurbished , I thought it was time to also refurbish my blog and have been spending the last few weeks trying to tweak it and upgrade it. In the meanwhile, I have continued to eat and create food memories that I’d like to share.

Last week I had the most pleasurable experience spending the day with my dear school friend N. She has the quaintest house , replete with fascinating memorabilia and keepsakes gathered over several generations and sourced from various continents. Prominent among her treasures are antiques from South East Asia where her ancestors had strong trade connections.

I had taken my grandson P with me and it was an experience he thoroughly enjoyed especially when she brought out her sons’ twenty year old dinosaurs to play with!

N’s meals are a delight with her passion for cooking and she’d cooked up a storm with chicken and meat. Her dishes are simple replete with taste, spiced every so lightly with pepper and salt, turmeric, garlic and ginger, a coconut ground finely to make up the base. P chomped away happily especially thrilled with her Lazy Susan that he spun round and round, fascinated with the dishes that sped past him.

A sweet potato salad with yoghurt and dill, melt in your mouth mutton chops with a tamarind based sauce, white chicken curry and chapati and rice…a simple meal served with a great deal of affection.

We wound up the meal and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in her verandah, catching up with news. It was relaxed entertaining , the best kind really when host and guests enjoy each moment, relishing each story that unfolds.

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