Mixed herb focaccia sandwich for breakfast


So finally our Diwali  is over.

On Sunday night the family met on the terrace of my daughter’s flat across the road from where I live , to celebrate the festival of Diwali with an After Party (a party after Diwali). This was largely due to the fact that she was busy working during Diwali and couldn’t host us then. Since it wasn’t a traditional celebration, she skipped the traditional meal which was just as well as our palates were jaded with non-stop festive food. Opting for our next favourite cuisine she decided to go Italian and asked me to pick up some Focaccia to accompany the meal.

Focaccia is a flat bread oven roasted much like a thick pizza and is often flavoured with herbs , olives, onions  or sun dried tomato….. It is also used to make sandwiches or pizzas or eaten plain dipped in a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Focaccia comes in squares and not knowing how many squares to buy I bought one too many from the local Moshe’s outlet. I took the leftover bread home and decided to make it into a toasted sandwich for breakfast today since it was sufficiently stale.

So I cut it into two, slapped a slice of Britannia cheese, put some sliced black olives  soaked in brine and some finely chopped tomato. Then I put it in a heated grill with a dab of butter on top and below and got the yummiest herb focaccia sandwich

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