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– it makes your party a celebration and a beautiful table is half the battle won in terms of  wooing guests in the case of business lunches or dinners for instance. 

It makes people feel wanted and valued, relaxes them so that they want to linger at the table and enjoy the company and the mood created by the decor, long after the dessert, the coffee and the liqueurs have been served and consumed. 


A good hostess knows that a good table goes beyond the food.  A well dressed makes guests feel warm and invited.  Unfortunately, in today’s world , table decoration has been given the short shrift and meals are served with little or no regard to tableware and silverware .  However,  Amita Bambawale,  believes that a successful dinner party has much to do with an attractive table. And  she should know, having entertained hundreds of guests over the years, as the wife of an Indian diplomat.

In a beautifully produced book with gorgeous colour photos, Amita has not only shown her skill in choosing materials from her daily life to decorate her table, but has also carefully documented each step so that you can get as close to the originals as possible. Flowers and other accessories are often difficult to source so don’t lose heart , as she says, because these are mere illustrations to give the creative hostess an idea of how she can dress up her table.

Finding inspiration from the flowers available in different places every month and every season and using accessories that she has collected over the years, Amita decorates her table thematically – either marking a day such as New Year’s Day or a festival such as Eid -ul-Fitr. Thus you have lavish table settings for formal dinners which set the tone for pleasant conversations.

This is one coffee table book that is definitely as useful as it is pretty and will be of great help to the fledgling hostess who wants to make her guests feel welcome.

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