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A new idea Pops Up at Kemp’s Corner

Mumbaikars are always on the look out for new places to eat and new foods to eat . The other day I found a completely new idea popping up at Kemps Corner – the Pop-Up Hut.

It is literally a hole in the wall or rather a small little eatery in the courtyard of an old building accessed by a tarpaulin lined alleyway. Walking past the funky art work, I came upon this tiny little outlet featuring fruit based ice cream. Since the concept of the restaurant is to have a new cuisine featured every week ( or at least every month), this is bound to go down well with the neighbourhood diners who always want updated menus at their favourite eating places.

I just had to explore the back story and interviewed Sanjana who very kindly spared time to answer my questions:


  1. What gave you this idea to have a pop up restaurant?

I feel this area is lacking interesting food concepts and ideas and wanted to introduce as many as possible.. Thus came the idea of changing pop-ups so that it would be interesting and exciting for customers and I could promote different food concepts and chefs

  1. How many can it seat? From what I saw it is just a counter really. Or do you plan to make it a takeaway or home delivery?

Yes, it is both a takeaway and home delivery plus we have a 4-5 people seating in the form of stools and a bench.

  1. How does one feature on your menu? Do you invite chefs/restaurants/caterers to set up shop for a week? Do you encourage private home caterers like housewives, small entrepreneurs?

Yes we encourage absolutely anyone interested in new food concepts and ideas and our only criteria is that it should be unique and delicious!!!

  1. How do you ensure quality in terms of product and service?

We curate pop-ups that can provide only high quality products and services and are selective with our pop-ups when it comes to this criteria. I personally over-see the kitchen and service as well.

  1. How will you staff be able to cope with different cuisines e.g. ice cream is handled differently from Chinese.

We will hire staff that is capable and skilled to handle the particular cuisine.

  1. What kind of cuisines do you plan on featuring?

We will be displaying desserts, savory products, hot food and almost any and every cuisine that we can.


So now that you know the back story, what are you waiting for? Go visit Pop-Up Hut today at

Kwality House-Alleyway, Next to Crossword, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

It’s open from  3 PM to 12 Midnight

But do call before going to check what’s on the menu!

+91 9819334698
00 02223820887

This restaurant was first featured in Mumbai On A High 
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