Did you know about Panchgani’s amazing Strawberry festival?

Strawberry Fields forever

Let me take you down
Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever
Strawberry Fields forever
Strawberry Fields forever

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Did you know that the Strawberry Fields that the Beatles sang about was not a field  but a ground at a Salvation Army Children’s shelter  near John Lennon’s childhood home where he often played? But did you also know that there are real strawberry fields where real strawberries grow only around 4 hours’ away from Mumbai ( if you go via Pune)  and you can actually go out there and pick them and eat them to your hearts’ content?

The first time I ever had strawberries was when we visited Mahabaleshwar as a child. In those days, they were only grown and best eaten there because by the time they came down the hills to Pune where I lived, they were a squishy mess and the only way we could eat them was as a jam ! So going to Mahabaleshwar and eating strawberries as we plucked them from the farm, was the highlight of our summer holiday and a treat we much looked forward to.

But today this fruit seems to have come to its own with lots of other places like Bangalore and Nasik vying for the title of being the largest supplier of strawberries. However, Mahabaleshwar continues to supply 85% of the market demand, even though, the current varieties are a far cry from the original Australian variety.  Mahabaleshwar used to be the summer capital of the British Government in the Bombay Presidency and  every year, along with the Babus, the Brits would take their Golf Course, Race Course, Gymkhana Club and plantation chairs  to sip their gins and tonics watching the sun go down. The strawberries grown in the neighbouring farms, topped with clotted cream, further enhanced their tropical English summer from late November  till the end of April. The initial strawberries are sour and tart but by March they are in peak season and are juicy and sweet.

But if you can’t go to the mountain…….

If you can’t make the Strawberry Festival, do not despair! There are enough strawberries flooding the market these days and it doesn’t take much to enjoy their goodness. So for all those lazy cooks or cooks in a hurry, if you’re looking for an impressive dessert with three simple ingredients, here is a never fail dessert.

there’s nothing stopping you from making this dessert which is easy, simple and absolutely amazing. Watch your guests’ jaws drop as you place this divine looking and fabulous tasting dessert in front of them.





All you need is fresh strawberries, a tub of vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce (Hershey’s from the bottle!)

And all you really have to do is hull the strawberries, cut them into bite-sized pieces. Arrange them in an individual serving bowl, gently scoop out some vanilla ice cream and place over the strawberries. Then squeeze the Hersheys sauce into a delicious swirl.

p.s. Don’t forget to grab their jaws as they drop when they see this amazing dessert!


I’m also linking this to WriteTribe ProBlogger Challenge simply so that foodies among my blogger friends can drive up to Panchgani and enjoy the strawberry festival!

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