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A pickling weekend


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After a weekend of hectic activity, the pickles are finally bottled and ready to go in their jars.

With the summer coming to a close , it was time to make mango pickle before the first rain shower. Actually I was in two minds whether or not to bother with making pickles but when I went to Bhaji Gulley last Friday and saw two Gujerati matrons haggling over the price of mango, I got inspired and struck a bargain for 10 kg of raw mango!

It was only half an hour later while walking back to the car lugging back the cut fruit that I realised my folly : I didn’t have anything large enough to mix  4 kg of mango to pickle and steam the 4 kg of mango to make the preserve! Of course I could have made the pickle in my bathing bucket but would have meant stained buckets and a bath that would have me smelling like a pickled mango myself!

So I did the next best thing which was make it in batches. For the next four hours I had mango all over the kitchen as I prepared for the preserves and pickles. But I did manage to make and bottle the pickle and preserves so if you want to grab the last chance to make this pickle that Anna Shetty and her family drool over, here goes :

A pickling weekend
Recipe type: Accompaniment
Cuisine: Indian
This traditional mango pickle has been slightly modified by my father who insisted my mother add garlic pods. Of course purists balk at this added ingredient but it definitely adds to the taste making it different from others.
  • For the best mango pickle you will need
  • 1 kg of raw mango cleaned, diced into bite size pieces
  • 1 tspn turmeric powder
  • 1 tspn salt
  • 15 g asafetida (hing)
  • 1 tspn fenugreek seeds ( methi)
  • 125 g mustard seed daal
  • 125 g red chilli powder
  • 125 g Kashmiri red chilli broken into large pieces
  • 200 g garlic pods peeled
  • ½ kg Oil +++
  1. Before you make the mango pickle, prepare if for pickling by removing excess water and moisture. To do this, wash and pat dry the cut mango. Sprinkle and rub in salt and turmeric powder. Allow to rest for an hour and then squeeze out the water that is released.
  2. In a small pan, in a little oil, lightly fry the asafetida and the fenugreek. Remove from heat and grind into a fine powder.
  3. Put the mango in a large mixing bowl and add all the dry ingredients i.e. powdered asafetida+fenugreek, the dried red chillis, the red chilli powder , the garlic pods and the Mustard seed daal. Mix so that they are coated thoroughly.
  4. In the meanwhile, heat the oil to smoking hot. Allow to cool before adding to the pickle.
  5. When you are ready to add the oil to the pickle, place the mango bits in a jar, pour the cold oil and seal with a cloth napkin to make it air tight.
  6. Allow the pickle to settle for at least a week before eating.

I use the tart green  Ladvo mango from Gujerat but my mom prefers the more traditional Rajapuri which is sweeter.

For more traditional recipes, get a copy of  “The Fragrance of Mango Blossoms”  which is also available on Amazon and Infibeam.


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