Pizza in summer?

With May coming to an end, the temperature is rising by the day and at times like this it becomes hard to think up something that is light and easy on the stomach. Looking at my fridge the other day, I came upon some whole wheat pizza bases and decided to make – what else? – a pizza. So I immediately made some pizza sauce and put together a pizza with fresh ham, paneer, onion rings, tomato slices and Arugula. Go’s shredded mozarella makes light work of grating cheese for Pizza and a sprinkling of oregano adds to the flavour .

Carrot soup sounds more wholesome and suitable for a winter meal but I found it a perfect combination for this summery pizza. Once again I steamed a carrot and then sauted it with olive oil and flour before blending it into a smooth soup. Of course I added some water for a thinner consistency and topped it with a dash of fresh cream for added taste.

And the dessert of course was a no brainer – with diced Alphonso mango, a dollop of vanilla ice cream and a generous drizzle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce.

Now why would anyone turn up their nose at such a meal?

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