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Pizzas have somehow evolved into comfort food and ever since it opened at Kemp’s  Corner I’ve been wanting to visit Pizza Metro Pizza. I finally got a chance today. Since it is literally round the corner, we’ve given the place a miss simply because walking there is impossible and driving there ridiculous :the roads are always a mess and parking is impossible

However, the urge to indulge was really strong and before it became another Ivy Moment for me, I decided to do a take away and placed the order on the phone.

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The door to the restaurant which once opened to a very popular Chinese Room


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Despite the predominance of black, the restaurant has a nice cozy feel with a bar along one wall and a wood fired oven at the back


However, I didn’t have long to wait. Within 5 minutes it was ready to go.

Image for Pizza Metro Pizza
Here’s the Proscuitto e funghi or ham and mushroom pizza on a tomato base.

The restaurant has a great menu for regular Italian food and is a great for casual dining.

The verdict

  • At Rs 950+ it wasn’t the cheapest pizza nor was it enough for two as recommended by the waiter. But definitely it was the thinnest crust pizza with just the right amount of cheese and ham and mushroom. And yes the fresh basil on the top !
  • Address: 4 August Kranti Marg Kemps Corner, BMC Water Authority Malabar Hill Tank Pumping Station, Kemps Corner, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006
  • The restaurant is open till late at night and on the weekend from noon till midnight.
  • While they don’t do home delivery, you can call up Scootsy or Swiggy and have it delivered at your doorstep.

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