Grilled Portobello Mushrooms and Paneer – a tangy Spring welcome

The first time I ever ate Portobello Mushrooms it was in Minneapolis I was intrigued by the name than attracted by the description of the dish. I just couldn’t get over this huge big brown mushroom with its strong, robust meatlike flavour!  I immediately thought this was a great option for vegetarians who are otherwise doomed to eat only Paneer or aubergine as a substitute for steak. So when I found that Portobello mushrooms are now available in India, I make it a point to look for them in the market. Sadly aren’t available easily throughout the year so when they are seen in our Winter markets, I always make it a point to buy them and now with my new Hamilton Beach Sandwich Toaster and Indoor grill, I just had to try it.

So off I went to Nature’s Basket from where I picked up the biggest mushrooms I could find. Sadly in these pre-packed parcels one really has no choice and has to make do with one really large one with others getting progressively smaller. However, size doesn’t really matter, you could always eat two instead of just the one!

To start with, I bought a slab of Mother Dairy Paneer which I marinated for around 10 minutes with some light Kikkoman Soya sauce, a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper and some salt. Be careful to rub the salt in, else the paneer remains tasteless and bland.

In the meanwhile, I washed and patted dry the mushrooms, took off the stalks/stems which I chopped finely. To this, I added some Chilli garlic vinegar and some powdered black pepper, salt and a dash of Soya Sauce.

As a special zinger, I slit a fat red chilli down the centre and stuffed it with some crushed garlic, a bit of salt and a dash of  pepper.

Then I heated the Grill as per instructions and when the plates were hot enough, placed the paneer, mushrooms and chilli, put down the upper cover and allowed the food inside to cook. When done, I removed it and plated it with seared mixed peppers which I had cooked separately in an other pan.

I can’t tell you how delicious it was.

Grilled food especially in a non-stick grill is healthy as it requires absolutely no oil. But if you can do with some more oil or fats, then you can add some grated mozzarella to the Portobello mushroom and red chilli to make it even tastier!

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