Rishi chi Bhaji : Fat free and Guilt Free

Top row : French Beans
Middle row ( left to right) Snake gourd, pumpkin, bottle gourd, Yam
Bottom row : Runner beans

What do the following vegetables have in common?

  • French Beans
  • Runner beans
  • Pumpkin
  • Snake gourd
  • Bottle gourd
  • Amaranthus
  • Colocasia 
  • Yam

No, this is not a botany test but I’ll give you the answer anyways – they are all vegetables that don’t require to be cultivated by oxen. Today is the day when these beasts of burden are actually given the day off and their labour is saluted by eating vegetables that grow without their help. Thus on this day you can get a whole assortment of vegetables which are all dunked together and cooked for several hours till they all come together. Normally these vegetables are found growing around the house but today when gardens are few, you can easily source them from the local market.

Thus yesterday while walking through my favourite market place at Bhaji Gully I when I came upon these veggies, I thought I’d give the usual Aloo gobi a miss and try these for a change. A lady who was also buying these vegetables actually told me that this vegetable is made without any oil, and with whatever spices you normally use to spice up your dishes………..and if you make it in the pressure cooker you don’t have to cook it for hours.

So I came home with a quarter kilo of assorted veg and chopped them up to make a yummy, fat free and guilt free (No animals were used during the cultivation) dish. Of course you can eat this all year round but I’m sure its tastier because you know it’s an annual affair!

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