Scrambled Eggs on the Deccan Queen

Way back in the 60’s when the Deccan Queen was truly a majestic train, its dining car served the most amazing scrambled egg on toast – the memory of which still makes me drool.

The beauty of this dish was the fat, toast with soaked with butter that dripped on to the other side ( Polsons no less – a salty yellow butter that we grew up on) on which lay the fluffiest, gooiest, just about set scrambled egg.

Now making scrambled egg is truly an art – if it cooks just a bit too much the egg actually separates into solid and liquid while if it is underdone, it tastes distinctly of raw egg. So the trick is to get the eggs cooked just right.

Way back in the 70’s when old Mrs. D was in the neighbourhood, she taught my mom the secret to making perfectly gooey scrambled egg , in almost the same style as that of the Deccan Queen. That I realised was hard to replicate simply because the eggs we use nowadays have very pale yolks as is the butter which is a delicate shade of yellow rather than the lurid yellow that we used to get on the Deccan Queen. But Mrs. D’s tip is the closest I can get to the original.

On a cold winter’s day or late in the evening when you are looking for some warm comfort food , this is the best dish to make.

Here’s what I did

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbspn butter or oil
  • 1 tbspn milk
  • salt & pepper to taste

To make them nice and easy, crack the egg in a cold pan. Whisk lightly with a wire whisk and then add the remaining ingredients . Place the pan on low heat and continue stirring the mixture till the eggs just begin to set. Turn off the heat and quickly transfer on top of a slice of toasted bread. The eggs will continue to cook in their own heat and by the time you transfer the first bite to your mouth, will be perfectly set!

I avoided the butter on the toast as an acknowledgement of   my battle of the bulge and it in no way detracted from the original pleasure. So go ahead and indulge in this delightful scrambled egg.


p.s. Another version of this egg preparation is the Bharuchi Akuri which is a great favourite at Parsi weddings. But that I’ll leave till my next breakfast indulgence…..

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