In search of the perfect Mawa Cake

It’s all about the #Mawa Cake

The Mawa Cake

Only a Mumbaikar will understand all the the brouhaha about the Mawa cake. A few years ago B. Merwan, an Irani bakery situated bang opposite Grant Road East Station, announced that they were closing down. Immediately there was a hue and cry with some people petitioning the owners not to shut down.

Even though I live just about 1/2 a km away from the bakery, for the past three decades, I’ve never had the time to walk down so this Saturday, I made it my mission to walk over the ugliest bridge to nowhere and visit the shop. The shop was everything I expected it to be – grungy, overcrowded and manned by crotchety gentlemen.

image for B Merwan There was the ubiquitous Family Room which separated respectable families from the hoi polloi dining outside and a distinct separation from the General Store area and the bakery counter selling hot khari and mawa cakes.

B.Merwan takes pride in the fact that by 9 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, their Mawa cakes are sold out and customers will have to do with “pocket” ( ie packed) ones from Surat.

The Verdict

Having tasted Mawa Cakes and Khari from Paris Bakery at Dukkar Gully,Quality Cakes at Bhaji Gully, Kwality at Nana’s Chowk , Appetite at Gowalia Tank and the much tom tommed B .Merwan, I can say that without a doubt Paris is the winner .

Watch out for more on PARIS in another post!

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