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Today was Anna Shetty’s last day of her five day break and we decided to spend it in a toyland paradise otherwise known as Hamley’s. Ever since that iconic London shop opened a branch at Mumbai’s Phoenix Mills Mall, I have wanted to take my own daughter now a mother herself to this shop. Hamleys’ is always magical whether the bubbles are blowing or not and  undoubtedly her little boy enjoyed himself but  all that excitement and running around whetted our appetities and before we knew it ,  it was time for us to re-charge with our mid-day meal.

Our original plan was to eat at Cafe Zoe but once again I seemed destined not to eat there as we decided to make it simple and quick by visiting one of the several eateries in this huge shopping complex. Phoenix has a wide range to choose from – Indian Moghlai, Coastal, Punjabi vegetarian, Chinese, Italian , American Diner and even an Irish Pub.  Since neither of us had been to Smokehouse Deli, we decided to give it a shot.

At first glance, it seemed too white and too sterile but proved to be the best choice as it was extremely child friendly. Saurabh, the Maitre d’ showed us to a table that had a sofa seating so that baby was comfortable as was his mother. As we had a fairly long wait for our mains to come, Baby was kept occupied with the bread basket – warm out of the oven and filled with nutritious and tasty whole wheat bread, buns and bread sticks. Of course Baby not only demolished the bread sticks but also dug into the flavoured butter that accompanied the bread basket.

My main course was PeriPeri Rubbed Grilled Chicken + Citrus Pimento (Rs. 470) which came with saffron potato and a side salad. This was highly recommended by the Maitre d’ but sadly I found no saffron in the potato nor did I find the side salad anything to talk about. There were just a few pieces of green that looked distinctly uncomfortable in the red and green chicken breast concoction that I was served up. It was piquante but a bit too tomatoey for my liking and I much preferred my daughter’s choice of a main course which was Half A  Roast Chicken with Zucchini Gratin and rosemary potato. Surprisingly her dish was served in a pasta bowl and it was hard to distinguish the vegetable which looked more like string beans to me. However, this definitely tasted better than the Peri Peri Rubbed Grilled Chicken(Rs. 470)

Our meal for two was a pleasant experience because the staff was helpful and understanding. They quite indulged our little boy who was boisterously shouting out to them and so taken in were they by his endearing ways, that they presented him with some freshly baked cookies to munch on while we waited for our meal. But the icing on the cake was literally the delicious Rasberry and Oreo Mousse Cake that they gifted to us because they were so enamoured of our little boy.

Open from breakfast to dinner, Smokehouse Deli  has a wide range of foods  – eggs, breads, burgers, pastas, desserts and mains which could be described as Continental… I will definitely go there to try out some of their other dishes particularly the Steak which I gave a miss this time.

On the way out, I passed the counter where you could buy some in-house baked treats such as Lavash or cookies.

I wouldn’t say the place is cheap but nor is it over priced considering how astronomical things are in any case. The portions were satisfying, the taste good, the ambiance pleasant and the staff wonderful.

So, if you are looking for a perfect spot to lunch with a child in tow, I would highly recommend this restaurant which has a pleasant feel and a warm inviting ambiance despite its pristine white touch me not look


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