Snappy Shrikhand for Dussera 

Following my family tradition of making either shrikhand or basundi for Dussera, this year I decided to make shrikhand simply because my grandson loves seeing me seive it through a thin muslin cloth.

So I began the process by ordering 2 litres of milk – not the skimmed milk or tetrapak variety that is popular in the market these days but full fat buffalo milk. I then made this into curd by adding some culture to just warm to the touch milk.

The curd is poured out into a Muslin cloth and the bundle tied over a pot so that all the whey is drained out.

Once the whey stops dripping you can safely assume that the curd cheese is ready to be made into Shrikhand.

Now add sugar depending on the sweetness you like – I added two heaped cups since I like it really sweet.

I let it sit a while so that the sugar melted and then spread a wet Muslin cloth spread taut over a wide mouthed pot, securing the cloth with some twine. Then gradually I spooned the curd +sugar mix on the cloth and spread it thin with my hand.

When all the curd is used up, I scraped off the strained curd that stuck to the cloth with a spatula. Then a few strands of saffron 1/4 tspn of powdered cardamom , a dash of nutmeg and a pinch of salt and it was done !

The most tedious part of the shrikhand is straining it through the muslin cloth, but this simple method really took me all of 15 minutes!

This makes a decent amount of Shrikhand for 4-6 people and is eaten with hot puris.

You can find more traditional recipes especially with Diwali fast approaching in my book The Fragrance of Mango Blossoms which is available as an e book too!

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