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Tucked away behind Mumbai’s Rampart Row is an exciting “new” neighbourhood- the revitalised commercial district of one of the oldest parts of Mumbai. Set right in the heart of the old Fort city, this part of Mumbai was once a thriving commercial hub. ¬†Even though the black equestrian statue (Kala Ghoda) that gave the neighbourhood its name is now reigning supreme in a corner of the Byculla Zoo, the area still goes by its given name and continues to evoke memories of Mumbai’s colonial past.

Tea was one of the drivers of colonisation and the British who succumbed to its charms couldn’t get enough of it from China. This was the reason why they developed the tea gardens in India and iIt seems only fitting then that San-Cha opened its first Mumbai outlet in this area.

We stumbled upon this entirely by chance – and were delighted with both the variety of tea available and the general aesthetic. Tea lovers will enjoy the ambience that transports you to a countryside store somewhere in the hills, while the quirky teapots, tiny milk pots, Chinese tea cups and other teatime paraphernalia leave you with a smile as you sip on the free sample of tea that is available at the counter.

Definitely worth a visit especially for tourists on the lookout for some good tea.

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