Sunday Breakfast at Matunga

English: Siddhivinayak temple, temple
English: Siddhivinayak temple, temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anna Shetty stayed over last night because she wanted to visit the temple of Siddhivinayak in the morning. Of late I find this temple is particularly crowded but still decided to give it a shot. Around 6 in the morning when the city was still enshrouded in darkness, Siddhivinayak seemed to have a life of its own. There were at least a hundred people milling around. Luckily we managed to squeeze in between two cars and also luckily we managed to get the darshan. 
On New Year’s day it seems there were over a million devotees and people spent upto 5 hours in a queue for a nanosecond audience with the Lord.

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Having nourished our souls it was time to feed our stomachs so we made our way to Matunga, a suburb of Bombay which till a long while ago was pre-dominantly South Indian. With several of the people whose children have migrated overseas, many of the buildings are now occupied by non-South Indians but the ethos of the days past still remains. All around you can spot brightly coloured temples, with bells clanging and filled with early morning worshippers. 

Tucked away in one of the bye lanes was Cafe Madras which in all of ten minutes was filled to capacity! 
( We went 10 minutes before opening time). This place seemed to be full of regulars who knew their way around. Most came in and scribbled something on a chit of paper ( I figured these were the take-away orders) before sitting down on tables that seemed to be permanently assigned to them.
Like all Udipi joints, the service here is clean and reliable, the food amazing and the prices just great. 
By 7.30 we had left the place, fully satisfied and satiated with 2 filter coffees, 1 vada sambhar, 1 cheese dosa and  1 masala dosa all for a princely sum of Rs. 162!!!
If you are in the neighbourhood do drop by for some pure bliss. But remember there is no parking and you may have to wait………..
Cafe Madras, King’s Circle, Mumbai 400019. Tel : 2401441

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