Enchiladas and Margaritas

The other day I was sitting by the poolside with my grand daughter and told her that we should imagine we were lounging around sipping Margaritas. Suddenly I realised I’d never had a margarita and had absolutely no idea of what it was. So this afternoon I found out.

At Dempsey Hill, where most of the good eating places seem to be located, we went to Margaritas a pricey Mexican restaurant. With walls filled with art works and the place filled with customers, Margaritas is perfect for a relaxed Sunday Brunch. 

We had chicken enchiladas which were yum, beef fajitas that were OK ( I must confess I HATE assembling my food) and vegetarian quesadillas. The fried ice cream was a novelty( for me )as was the chilli chocolate dessert . 

Overall , a lively and vibrant atmosphere , good food and good service. 

And yes I finally had my margarita! It was light, lemony and refreshing. 

Perhaps I will have it by the poolside one day! 

Yong Tau Foo

I was shopping this afternoon when I suddenly realised it was way past my lunch time. I decided to eat at the food court of the Mall and asked the salesgirl who was attending to me for some suggestions. She told me to try Yong Tau Foo which turned out to be a very good choice.  

  I picked up a bowl and asked for a 6 piece Yong Tau Foo but the man told me that I had to choose what I wanted.

I had the choice of vegetables and tiny pieces of Tofu with meat . The other assistant helped me and after I chose my six pieces I took the bowl to the cashier who showed me four kinds of noodles to choose from.

I went for a transparent rice flat noodle which he said went well with the soup. I waited another minute or so before he handed me a bowl of the yummiest noodle soup I’ve ever had.  

 Yong Tau Foo can be had dry or with a soup. You can assemble it with rice or noodle and spice it up with two kinds of sauce on the side.

#DinTaiFung – the best Dimsum in town

This afternoon I had a lip smacking lunch at one of the ten best restaurants in the world according to the New York Times 

  The restaurant in the food court of Paragon Mall at Singapore’s tony Orchard Road opens at 11 am and even though we reached at 1.30 there was a line of people waiting before us.
  However, we were given a number which was assigned as per the number of people per table. We were assigned a number in the middle 3000 but waited only 20 minutes. 

The place had a very busy vibe with a quick turnover of guests tucking in oodles of noodles and the yummiest of Dimsum. We ordered steamed pork dumplings , duck in crispy rolls , prawn pancake and chicken broth soup. The dumplings were filled with soup which meant that you had to pop them in your mouth carefully and then be careful not to burn your mouth as you swallow the soup. 

The crispy duck roll was crunchy with a succulent slice of roast duck inside. The chicken broth was plain boiled chicken and needed a sufficient amount of soya sauce and vinegar to make it more tasty for my palate. 

As for the prawn pancake – they were really to die for. 


The customer really comes first here with a wide selection for vegetarians 


There was also a little foldable carrier for guests to keep their expensive bags and belongings safely. 

  There are three  Din Tai Fungs all over Singapore so chose your location and dig in!