Chicken for breakfast anyone?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me and when I’m travelling I like to make sure that I start out the day right with a satisfying and filling breakfast.

During my recent trip to Malaysia I was hosted by the Renaissance Hotel for  four nights in Kuala Lumpur.

Sharing my experiences of my allMy trip was sponsored by Tourism Malaysia and I was travelling with  a group of journalists attending the MEGA FAM  at KL.  Since most of my co-travellers were vegetarian  I didn’t have much of an opportunity to explore the culinary delights of Malaysia; which was a pity because Malaysia is a veritable melting pot of Asia with its Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnicities. Add to this the people of mixed descent and you get even more exotic cuisines to sample!

But  I loved going down to the breakfast buffet served at TEMPTATIONS  the restaurant in the East Wing that offers a wide array of Asian Fusion dishes.


The breakfast buffet at Temptations was wide and catered to every kind of palate with dishes like Dim Sum, Miso Soup, Porridge, Eggs to order, cold cuts, idli sambhar, paratha and even middle eastern delicacies on the menu.

But being a strong believer of doing in Rome as the Romans do, I went for the Malaysian Breakfast options

Loh Mai Kai

On the first day, I was intrigued by a steamer full of foil ramekins filled with rice –  Lo Mai Kai  said the label, describing it as glutinous rice with chicken. Rather tentatively, I picked up a container and tipped it over to reveal the most aromatic sweet smelling rice with pieces of chicken and mushroom at the top. This sticky rice which is normally cooked in a banana leaf is quite simply the yummiest way to start the day. It has a slightly sweet flavour of soya and the goodness of chicken which can keep you going the whole day.

Nasi Lemak

The next day I went for  the Nasi Lemak,  the traditional Malaysian breakfast dish which is  another calorie packed meal that can keep you going till dinner time. Essentially it is  rice cooked in coconut milk and served with accompaniments of spicy chicken curry and beef rengdang. Fried anchovies add  the crunch and the texture becomes intriguing with fried peanuts, finely sliced cucumber, and somecrumbled boiled egg . There’s always some sambal paste on the side to  tweak the pungency . Now if that’s not a satisfying breakfast what is?


Unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos of these yummy preparations so I took them off the net ( All Recipes). I haven’t yet tried any of the recipes because I’m still keeping away my stuff but I’m sure they won’t disappoint and will remind me of my Malaysian Interlude.